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Leaving a Legacy

Your generosity will help Massachusetts Humane Society / Bessy's Place continue our mission to provide exceptional care and proper placement of companion animals and help Bessy’s Place Cat Sanctuary create a peaceful, comfortable environment where unadoptable or medical compromised cats receive the medical attention they require while allowing them to live out their lives with the love and dignity they deserve. Charitable contributions may be made to: Massachusetts Humane Society Inc., and then you may choose to designate your gift to Bessy’s Place Cat Sanctuary.


Bessy's Place Cat Sanctuary affiliate within Massachusetts Humane Society - mission and goal is to locate a stand alone building for the future. We would like to ask YOU, if you have Real Estate Property now, would you ever consider, in donating and or leaving as a Legacy. Please, seriously consider Bessy's Place Cat Sanctuary.

We could not afford a mortgage payment each month, plus 60% of that mortgage payment would TAKE AWAY from animals in need. To rescue and care for animals that need Veterinary Care, food - plus normal overhead costs and more. A mortgage payment would be a heavy load on our budget and Take Away from the animals in need for rescue, and medical care. We would need a substantial down payment for an animal shelter. Having a rent payment each month also effects your budget for animals in need and their care - but a mortgage payment would be, much more of a heavy load on our budget.

Note: Charitable Donations of "Property - Real Estate." is Tax deductible through our organization as a section 501 (c) 3. Property - Real Estate, is normally limited to the item's fair market value. Fair market value is generally the price you would get if you sold the property on the open market. YOU, can also leave Property - Real Estate in your Estate Planning - Will, Trust Fund. The real estate property you donate, does NOT have to be in the South Shore area, it can be anywhere.

So please help and consider donating property - real estate, for our homeless, neglected, mistreated animals, so that these animals get a chance for a loving, kind caring life !! So that Bessy's Place and Massachusetts Humane Society can move forward and continue our rescue and care for these animals in need, with YOUR LEGACY. Thank You !!

Please Contact us: 781-335-1300 leave a message or email:

Mailing Address:
Massachusetts Humane Society Inc.
For Benefit Of - Bessy's Place Cat Sanctuary
445 North Franklin Street, Holbrook, MA 02343

Make a difference in the lives of homeless animals.

Thank You !

Matching Gifts

Many employers offer to match their employee donations to non-profit organizations, sometimes two or three times the amount donated. Check with your HR department to maximize the impact of your gift.

Workplace Giving — CFC & COBECC & COMECC

If you are a federal, state or municipal employee, you may be able to donate through your employee giving program. We participate in the City of Boston Employees Charitable Campaign – Code #5170 (COBECC) and the Combined Federal Campaign – Code #70726 (CFC) and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign (COMECC). Please contact your employer for more information on these programs.

Tribute and Memorial Giving

When donors makes a gift in memory or in honor of a person, pet, or occasion. We will notify the appropriate person with a personalized – Bessy’s Place Cat Sanctuary Card.

For more information on any of these giving plans, please contact Joanne: 781-335-1300 or

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