Bessy's Rescue Story

When I adopted Bessy in 1993, she was a homeless, unwanted, beautiful 1 1/2-year-old calico cat in a shelter. I can still picture her looking through her cage door with a “smile” on her face, starring at me. Right then and there “that was the cat for me.”

I later found out she had been adopted twice before but returned to the shelter. Let’s say, she had some personality quirks that needed adjusting. Bessy needed bonding time and patience and I was happy to give her that, And Bessy NEVER went back to the shelter.

Bessy was my cat for 19 wonderful years. Throughout those years she became a diabetic, developed a thyroid problem, then got severe kidney failure and passed on in June of 2011.

In honor of my wonderful, loving pet, Bessy, I have created a sanctuary where all unwanted, homeless cats are wanted, loved and provided a warm, nurturing home. Bessy’s Place is dedicated to those cats that are not as fortunate as my Bessy.

In Loving Memory & Honor of Bessy the Best!

Joanne G. Mainiero, Founder Bessy’s Place

Massachusetts Humane Society mourns the loss of *Stella Bella*

We are SO VERY SAD to inform you that "STELLA BELLA" has died. Stella had severe renal kidney failure, as we pro-longed her life for the last year or so with IV fluids. She was doing very well being Stella but then went into renal kidney failure very badly. Stella had the most amazing "green sea glass eyes" and her body markings were stunning. Stella loved to run around and was very talkative and loved her dry and wet food at feeding time. Stella was a kitten at heart from the time she came to MHS animal shelter.

Stella was surrendered because the house hold had a baby so Stella became "homeless/unwanted" and Mass Humane Society took her in. Stella Bella became our "baby" at MHS animal shelter !! Stella became one of the "MHS Kitty Gang"

Stella was about 5 years old when she came to us, and has been an MHS resident for about 7 years because she keeps getting passed by for other younger cats that were less feistier than her. MHS has lots of fun loving memories of Stella that will live on! We love you and will always miss you Stella Bella ! MHS



In the South Shore Area

As you know kitten season is here and MHS is looking for a serious Kitten Foster Care Home. If you can help the kittens as a foster care parent while MHS looks for a loving, caring and responsible home for the kittens.
Contact MHS - 781-335-1300 - leave a message or email us:

Thanks So Much, MHS and the Kittens are Grateful for your caring help!

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